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Registration and Online Shopping

1.- Pretextual information

The present general conditions of purchase (in future, the “general conditions of purchase”), along with the particular conditions that can settle down, regulate the relations between the Association Barcelona Tango Club (Barcelona Tango Amigo) in future Barcelona Tango Club and third parts (in future, the “CLIENTS”) with the purpose of to obtain products and activities supplied through the websites of sales online via barcelonatangoamigo.com .

The identifying data of the association in charge of the sales are:

Barcelona Tango Club (Barcelona Tango Amigo)
NIF: G65552804,
C. Aragó. 393 2-1
08013 Barcelona

The present general conditions you have been elaborated in accordance with the established thing by Law 34/2002, of 11 of July, services of the society of the information and of electronic commerce, Law 7/1998, of 17 of April, on general conditions of hiring, and Real Decreto 1906/1999, of 17 of December, per which the telephone or electronic hiring with general conditions is regulated, developing of article 5,3 of Law 7/1998, Real Decreto Legislativo 1/2007, of 16 of November, by which the recasted text of the General Law for the Defense of the Consumers and Users is approved and other complementary laws, Law 22/2010, from 20 of July, the Code of consumption of Catalonia, Law 7/1996, from 15 of January, from arrangement of the retail commerce, Real Decreto-Ley 14/1999, from 17 of September, regulator of the electronic signature, Law 29/2010, from 3 of August, use of the electronic mediums in the public sector of Catalonia and whichever legal dispositions is from the application.

The online purchaes of any activity or product supposes the acceptance of the present general conditions of purchase, as well as the express acceptance, total and without reserves of the totality of the general conditions of purchase published by Barcelona Tango Club at the moment that the Client accedes in line to the sale website and of the conditions of use of the transport titles.

The orders will be purchased online become serious in Spanish and languages admitted by the sale website. In case the Client is in agreement with the content of the general conditions of purchase, she will have to click in the indicated button as “acceptable the present general conditions of purchase”. On the contrary, it will not be able to continue with the purchase process.

2.- Nature of the online (e-commerce) website

The sale website online is destined to end-users, in the sense established by Real Decreto Legislativo 1/2007, of 16 of November, for the own consumption of the Client or the people in the name of who the Client is legally authorized to act.
The Client will declare to be adult and to have the legal standing sufficient to contract and to tie with Barcelona Tango Club according to the present general conditions of purchase. The Client will accept, of form it express and without exceptions, that the access and the use of the sale website in line are realised under their only and exclusive responsibility.
Barcelona Tango Club reserves the right to modify unilaterally, at any time and without previous warning, the presentation and configuration of the sale website in line, as well as to suspend its access of definitive temporary way or.

3.- Operative of sale in line

3.1.- Proceedings to carry out any acquisition

Barcelona Tango Club inform that the proceedings to carry out any acquisition of activities of the Barcelona Tango Amigo are the described ones in the present general conditions of purchase, as well as those others that are indicated during the acquisition process.

3.2.- Activities, products and prices

The objective of the sale in line of Barcelona Tango Club is the sale of certain activities and products commercialized by Barcelona Tango Club through Internet. Barcelona Tango Club informs that all the prices published in the sale website in line are in Euros and all the corresponding taxes are including. Barcelona Tango Club reserves the right to modify unilaterally, at any time and without previous warning, the prices of the activities and products, as well as to suspend or to cancel its sale of definitive temporary form or.

3.3.- Purchase

Barcelona Tango Club guarantees the existence of units and free places in the activities that are offered in the website. Following the settled down process of purchase, the Client will have to identify himself filling in the corresponding form with his necessary personal data for the development of the purchase. Next, the Client will select to the wished activities and/or products. The process will finalize pointing out the data of the data or credit card asked for by Pay Pale.

3.4.- Delivery

Once completed the purchase process, Barcelona Tango Club will send an e-mail with a nominative document in which they appeared the selected activities and/or products in order that the Client can print it. This document will exchange by the corresponding product or entrance in the Centers of Attention of Barcelona Tango Club or when to accede to the enclosure where the activity at issue is celebrated.

3.5.- Shipping costs

There are no shipping costs.

3.6.- Place of celebration of the contract

It will be understood that the purchase in the head office of Barcelona Tango takes place Club.

4.- Returns

Before the 72 hours of the execution of the activity the entrance by an activity of the same amount will be able to be cancelled or to be changed in the same point of sale.
72 hours before the event the dropping of the claim will not change nor will be given back to the amount will be able to communicate to Barcelona Tango Club within this term:

a) By means of a sent e-mail a: info@barcelonatangoamigo.com Indicating the number of reserve. In any case, Barcelona Tango Club, after previous verification, will come the reimbursement by means of an installment to debit or the credit card from the payer or by banking transference.


5.- Invoicing and payment methods

For those clients who ask for an invoice of the realised purchase, are pointed out that, in accordance with Real Decreto 1496/2003, of 28 of November, per which the Regulation is approved that regulates the invoicing obligations, the date limit for the emission of invoices will be day 16 of the month following to which has been realised the purchase.
The payment will be able to be realised by means of the credit cards VISA and MASTERCARD throught the Bank Sabadell´s online TPV / Redysy or direct bank transference.
In order to come to the payment, the Client will have to follow all the instructions that appear in screen, providing the following information of the card: a) Type; b) Number; c) Expiration date; and d) CVV. Barcelona Tango Club guarantees to the Client the total security of its transactions when having the technological standards more updated in the date of put into operation of the website of sale in line with respect to protocols and services of security.
For a greater security, Barcelona Tango Club informs that the banking data will not be registered in any computer science application hers and they will only be used to make the collection in the bank. The information of the purchase will keep during a term of 7 years. The Client will have right to being informed on the details of his purchases whenever therefore she asks for it and this term of 7 years has not passed.

6.- Greater force

It is understood by greater force, with declarative and nonlimiting character, the following thing: (i) any event impossible to anticipate, or that predicted or foreseeable, he was inevitable; (II) the errors of access to the different webpages from Barcelona Tango Club; (III) the lack of electrical or telephone provision; (IV) the damages produced by third parties or attacks to the servant of the portal (virus) that affect the quality of the services and that are imputable neither to Barcelona Tango Club nor to the user; (v) the failures in the transmission, diffusion, storage or delivery to third parties of products and the contents of the portal; (VI) the problems or errors in the reception, obtaining or access on the part of these third parties; (vii) fires; (viii) floods or earthquakes, (ix) strikes or labor conflicts or other social disorders that prevent the provision of products and, therefore, the fulfillment of the obligations accepted by Barcelona Tango Club; (x) the shortage or little availability of fuel or electrical energy; (XI) accidents; (xii) warlike conflicts; (XIII) commercial embargoes or of any type; (xiv) blockade; (xv) disturbances; or (XVI) any governmental disposition. The administrative errors or of management will not be considered force majeures.

7.- Documentary confirmation of the hiring conducted

Once carried out the purchase, Barcelona Tango Club will send to the Client the corresponding justification of the hiring conducted with all terms by means of an e-mail within the 24 hours following to the conclusion of the purchase process.

In the communication the accrediting nominative document of the acquired titles will be included.

8.- Loss, robbery or theft

The loss, robbery or theft of the acquired title are exclusive responsibility of the Client, reason why Barcelona Tango Club will be exonerated on the matter of any claim.

9.- Applicable law and jurisdiction

The general conditions of this legal warning and any other text with contractual character of this website will be regulated according to what it arranges the Spanish legislation. Any controversy that derives from the access and use of this website and its contents and services, as well as of the interpretation and fulfillment of these general conditions and any other text with contractual character of this website, will be put under the courts and courts of the address of the user, whenever this it resides in Spanish territory.
In case the user resides abroad or is a company that does not have the consideration of user in agreement with the effective legislation, the parts will specifically be put under the courts and courts of the city of Barcelona (Spain).


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