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    Gala Dinner (Sat)

    Gala dinner, the night of the Central Milonga. INCLUDES: Special menu for our event. DAY: Saturday 21st of September , 2019 HOUR: 8.30pm a 21.30pm WHERE: Hotel Ciudad de Castelldefels
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    The Milongas are included in the following Passes: Full Pass  (THU / FRI / SAT / SUN) 2 Days Pass  (SAT / SUN) You can register to individual milongas or get the 3 or 2 milongas passes: 3 Milongas Pass (FRI / SAT / SUN) 2 Milongas Pass (SAT / SUN) ---- WELCOME BIENVENIDA (With toast) DAY: Thursday 19th of September, 2019 HOUR: 9pm DJ: Luna Palacios MILONGA DAY: Friday 20th of September, 2019 HOUR: 9.30pm DJ: Toni Barber CENTRAL MILONGA DAY: Saturday 21st of September, 2019 HOUR: 9.30pm DJ: Damián Boggio FAREWELL MILONGA DAY: Sunday 22nd of September, 2019 HOUR: 4pm to 10pm  

    Milongas will take place at the HOTEL CIUDAD  de CASTELLDEFELS, at the salón Garraf (345 m2, stoneware floor)

    (The Bar service system during the milongas works with tickets, which need to be purchased before the consumption. We recommend you to do that at the beginning of the milonga, in order to avoid making two queues and waiting twice: once for buying the ticket and another for consuming. The tickets you don´t use will be valid for the other milongas)

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    Pool Tango

    DAYS: Friday 20th / Sunday 22nd / September, 2019 HOUR: 12pm to 2pm / 12:30pm to 2pm WHERE: Pool at the Hotel Ciudad de Castelldefels  
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    Beach Tango

    We will dance Tango on the sand next to the sea. DAYS: Thursday 19th / Friday 20th / Saturday 21st / September, 2019 HOUR: 6.30pm to 8pm WHERE: Beach next to the Hotel Ciudad de Castelldefels DJ: Musical players participating in the event. You don´t need to register.